Yesterday afternoon July 12, I went to a shopping mall in downtown Cebu to check for new stocks of Diecast toys. Upon arrival I witnessed that toy section has been moved to a different location and some of the items are placed in carton boxes. Most of the boxes were Hot Wheels and to think I seldom collect items from this manufacturer. While the promodiser was busy unpacking the boxes, two specific items caught my attention and these are the Hot Wheels Batcopters. Well, I really don’t collect DC or Marvel diecast collection series but these two will be added to the shopping list. Why? Because I’m a fan of military stuff and this product looks like one and I do watch Batman movies. Without further ado, here are the detailed specs.


Collection: 64/250
Year: 2013
Series: Batman (Single Pack)
Color: Black
Base Color: Blue/Metal
Window Color: Blue
Variations: Gray Rotors
(Info and loose item photo grabbed from