While walking around Sm City’s lower ground floor and waiting for my mom to finish her transaction at Tela Fabrica, I suddenly wanted to grab some pop corn at a nearby shop near the elevator . As I was looking around while going to the popcorn shop, I noticed a nearby stall called King Corn that sells corn cobs in stick and shredded in cups. Each product cost around P35.00 which is higher compared to corn cobs sold in the streets and you can choose cheese powder or melted butter or combination of both as it’s sauce. Since I don’t want to carry a cob while strolling around the mall, I purchased the shredded corn in a cup with a combination of butter and cheese. This snack is lighter and delicious over the popcorn because of it’s earthly flavor and freshness compared to popcorns cooked in oil or microwave. So enjoy! 🙂